Winter Session 2023

Winter 2023 - Course Catalog


Academic Calendar 2022

Winter Session 2023
January 9 – March 2 – Classes in Session
January 16 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Holiday (no classes)
February 20 – Presidents’ Day - Holiday (no classes)
March 6 – 9 – Make Up Week

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About The Fromm Institute

Since 1976, the Fromm Institute has encouraged persons, age 50 and older, from all walks of life, to engage their minds in academic pursuits. We invite you to join us as you discover what our lifelong learning program is all about.


Our Mission

The Fromm Institute, a "University within a University," stages daytime courses for retired adults over 50 years of age. Founded by Alfred and Hanna Fromm in 1976, the Institute offers intellectual stimulation and introduces its members to a wide range of college level learning opportunities with access to the facilities and services at the University of San Francisco.


The Institute has a firm commitment to learning, believing that older students should
be able to learn within a peer setting and be taught by emeritus professors of their own age.
The Fromm Institute welcomes people regardless of previous academic achievement
or their ability to pay a modest membership fee.

As an independent, non-profit program on the USF campus, The Fromm Institute appeals to its
members and to a broader philanthropic community for the financial support of its mission.
This San Francisco "original" serves hundreds of older students each day, and includes
thousands among its lifelong learning student body and alumni.

Support The Fromm Institute

Membership fees collected cover just over half of our program costs. As an independent non-profit at USF, the Fromm Institute reimburses the University of San Francisco for the use of all campus resources. We rely on the generous financial support of the community. Won’t you please help? Contributions to the Fromm Institute can be made through the Friends of the Fromm Institute.