History of Architecture Part II

Engelberg, Toby
Arts and Culture
The History of Architecture is presented from prehistoric structures to current architecture, and is given over five Fromm terms. The course is based on the textbook World Architecture: A Cross Cultural History, by Richard Ingersoll, (the textbook is optional). The text and course structure are based on three geographical areas considered for each time period. Each 1.5 hour class includes approximately 75 images, and architecture is situated within historical, religious, geographic and cultural contexts. Part I (given in the Winter 2020 session) covered Prehistoric Structures through Ancient Rome. Part II continues with Chapter 5 in the text: The architecture of Ancient China, Ancient Mexico, Early Christian, Byzantine, Gupta India, Islamic, Tang China, Mayan, India and Southeast Asia, Islamic Spain and Morocco, Romanesque Europe, and the Mediterranean, (which begins Chapter 9). The course covers periods from 200 BCE to 1350 CE.