Getting out Where There is NO Virus: Solar System

Fraknoi, Andrew
What are the not to be missed "tourist sights" on the planets and moons with which we share the Sun? What are some of the most exciting places we could (someday) visit among the stars, glowing clouds, black holes, and star clusters and in our Milky Way Galaxy. Join us on an illustrated tour of the cosmos as astronomers understand it today. The discussion will be accompanied with really great color images from the latest space probes and the world's largest telescopes. We'll learn about some of the most interesting vistas in deep space (including the steam geysers on one of Saturn's moons, and the debris from an exploding star that hides a natural beacon) and we'll discover how we humans fit into the bigger picture. Designed like the Rick Steves travel shows on public TV, these tours are for the beginner and will assume no background in science.