As an award-winning archaeologist, author, and National Geographic grantee and also National Geographic Expeditions Expert, Dr. Patrick Hunt earned his Ph.D. in Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, and has taught at Stanford University for 28 years. Patrick directed the Stanford Alpine Archaeology Project from 1994 to 2012, and has continued project related Hannibal and Otzi fieldwork in the Alps in the years since. His Alps research has been sponsored by the National Geographic Society, and he frequently lectures for National Geographic on Hannibal and the European mummy nicknamed Ötzi the Iceman. He is also a National Lecturer for the Archaeological Institute of America, as well as an elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and elected Fellow of the Explorers Club. He is the author of 21 published books, including the best-sellers Ten Discoveries That Rewrote History (Penguin Group 2007) and Hannibal (Simon and Schuster 2017). He was also named and listed in Who's Who in Biblical Studies and Archaeology by Biblical Archaeology Society in 1993. He frequently appears in documentaries for NatGeo, NOVA, PBS and other media.