Winding down a 35 yr. career at USF, Alan Goldberg has concentrated on the multi-cultural variants of Rhetoric in American Literature. He was educated at the U. of Chicago, the U. of Hawaii, and SFSU. He was mentored by Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow at Chicago and Irving Halperin (late of the Fromm) at SFSU. A scholar in Jewish American literature with special emphasis on the works of Bellow, Malamud, Roth, and Doctorow, he is presently exploring the current generation of prominent Jewish American writers. He is championing the legacy of the late Philip Roth in response to recent revisionist critiques. As a lifelong devotee of baseball, he is also researching sports in American literature. He and his Nicaraguan-American wife, Indiana Quadra- Goldberg, a retired CCSF Ethnic Studies professor with an emphasis on Latina/o literature, share a deep appreciation of African American and Hispanic American literature.