America in an Age of Upheavals: New Perspectives on the United States and the Era of the World Wars (1914-1945)

Presented under the auspices of the Roger Boas Chair in Global History and World Affairs:

The era of the two world wars of the 20th century witnessed inconceivable violence, genocide, cataclysmic destruction, disillusionment, revolutions, and the seeds of future conflicts, but also extraordinary art and literature and the liberation of hundreds of millions of people from colonial rule. Professor O’Sullivan will lead us on an exploration of the American experience in the era of the two world wars (1914-1945), placing the U.S. in a global context and exploring the consequential roles of presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt while examining the era’s still-controversial legacies.

Chris O’Sullivan (BA, UC Berkeley; Ph.D. London School of Economics -- University of London) has taught in the History Department at USF for two decades where he is the recipient of USF’s Distinguished Teaching Award as well as USF’s Innovations in Teaching Prize. He has been a Fulbright Visiting Professor at the University of Jordan in Amman and has published five books on historical topics.

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