Exploring Opera: The Divas

Presented under the auspices of the Victor Marcus Chair in Opera Studies:

“Diva!” The term strikes excitement in some, fear in others. Though actually meaning “goddess,” it has come to mean “a self-important, temperamental, difficult to please woman.” Some singers are one, the other or both. Regardless, an opera diva usually has an exceptional voice. Several divas became legendary; others also had extraordinary talents, but are almost forgotten today. Join James Sokol to discover some of these great ladies – Callas, Moffo, Scotto, Norman, Fleming, and many more! Learn about their backgrounds and experience their brilliance through performance videos. Hear the variations among the female vocal ranges – soprano, mezzo, contralto – and differences within those ranges. Bask in the glory of gorgeous voices and repertoire. Don’t miss this series, terrific for opera newcomers and long-time fans!

James Sokol, M.A. worked in opera for over two decades, having started his career under Beverly Sills at NYC Opera. A Founding Member of The Singers Development Foundation, James has also worked on projects with Cincinnati Opera and the Opera Company of Philadelphia. James has worked and lectured for San Francisco Opera and is a former executive director of Pocket Opera.

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